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Increased Employee
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FacePro XpertWork Workflow System is a Digital Tool for Optimizing Work Efficiencies of Enterprise Teams

FacePro Xpert Work workflow system is a customizable and user-friendly workflow system which allows users to quickly build an efficient and reliable visual digital workflow process.

Enterprise-level data security protection with strict data protection allow users to use with confidence.

Tips and recording of multimedia workflow steps, supporting documents, pictures, videos & personal signatures etc.

The application of FacePro Xpert System will significantly save workforce training and guidance time, reducing the occurrence of errors, yet improve work efficiency and accuracy.

Support application in mobile phones, tablets, and AR smart glasses.

Smart AR inspection, builds a knowledge base.

During the inspection process, users at the backend can push documents, pictures and videos to the on-site AR smart glasses user and display them in real-time through the smart glasses display.

The main parameters of the equipment, including the product model, product certificate number, and manufacturer. For some equipment, it should be able to display the main parameters related to its operation tests, such as working pressure and power.

Diagram information, mainly including equipment layout drawings, system schematic diagrams of machinery and equipment, and diagram review opinions.

Inspection history and equipment maintenance and replacement history.

Inspection tips, which can be in the form of a video or instructive text description. Support AR database and establish a robust intellectual knowledge database.

The benefits of FacePro XpertWork Workflow