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Jinan Machine Tool Equipment Multinational Cloud Acceptance
2020-03-20 10:37:00Admin
Recently, at the project site of Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Group, two engineers wore FacePro head-mounted artificial intelligence computer system to show the newly completed heavy press. Through the head-mounted artificial intelligence computer, the high-definition images are transmitted to the Ford Motor Group experts in the United States in real time, and they are presented with the first-view on-site observation and operation. Four hours later, Ford's experts completed all the acceptance process.

During the pandemic, many companies' overseas business projects are still in progress, but cross-border product delivery has become a problem for many companies. Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Group also faced the same before. Affected by the pandemic, Ford experts who had come to Jinan for acceptance had to temporarily change their itinerary. At this time, the head-mounted FacePro artificial intelligence computer equipment system developed by Softfoundry International Pte Ltd was recommended. In the end, they successfully helped Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool Group complete the international acceptance and solved the problem.

On March 13th, two engineers of the Second Machine Tool Group wore headmounted FacePro artificial intelligence computer equipment, and the inspectors from far away in the United States carried out the acceptance through the real-time live broadcast. For on-site engineers, they can completely free their hands, follow the instructions of the acceptance staff at any time, and provide ultra-clear global and partial images for the other party to view on the computer. At the same time, FacePro can record the entire acceptance process.

"Through FacePro head-mounted artificial intelligence computer system, it is possible to achieve on-site acceptance by American experts. Prior to this, the corresponding standard operations and procedures have been made into a digital workflow. The on-site operation can be carried out according to the digital workflow. This wearable artificial intelligence computer system is equipped with artificial intelligence and assisted reality technology, effectively connecting remote experts, background real-time data, and on-site operating equipment. It has AI artificial intelligence and AR assisted reality technology, and adopts near-eye display mode, full voice control after wearing, remote audio and video interaction. Experts remotely guide on-site personnel to perform specific operations on on-site equipment, which truly realizes the integration of personnel, equipment, and data.

At present, the FacePro head-mounted artificial intelligence computer expert guidance system has been applied in industries such as manufacturing, electric energy, petrochemical, fire rescue, and telemedicine. In particular, for companies that need equipment repairs, they originally needed to dispatch experts from other provinces and cities to provide on-site guidance for repairs. Now, engineers only need to wear an AI headset on their heads to accurately locate problems through remote guidance from experts.

In this pandemic, the equipment can also play an important role in designated hospitals and isolation points for COVID -19. "The medical staff in the ward rounds can use the headset to provide remote guidance to the medical experts remotely, which not only allows the patients to be fully treated, but also reduces the risk of infection of the medical staff." Currently, the frequency of customer inquiries, experience frequency and prototype purchase intentions for this equipment has increased significantly, and it is expected that a large number of orders will be ushered in after a period of time.