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Porsche RTS project
2019-12-20 10:37:00Admin

Porsche (China) establishes new remote technical support using FacePro Xpert System, bringing significant cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

The Remote Technical Support (RTS) Porsche remote technical support system established by Porsche China is based on Softfoundry's FacePro Xpert System solution. During the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, the RTS has brought significant cost reduction and efficiency improvement to Porsche China's after-sales service department and various Porsche centers. Travel expenses of the Porsche China after-sales department have decreased by nearly 80%. At the same time, the Porsche China Network Development Department also planned to use the RTS system to invest in the remote inspection of new stores and the remote audit of Porsche Centers.

Significantly shorten the waiting time for troubleshooting
Significantly reduce travel costs
Consistent fault handling capability: remote support and on-site support
Significantly reduce the maintenance downtime of the faulty vehicle in the workshop
Improves customer satisfaction

The Porsche RTS system uses AR smart glasses as the terminal equipment for on-site technicians, aiming to establish a new remote technical support model to connect Porsche China After-sales Service Technical Support Center with various Porsche dealers in China. With the RTS system, Porsche China’s experts can communicate with on-site technicians in real-time; on-site technicians wearing the AR smart glasses use voice control to free their hands and transmit live vehicle images back to the large screen of the RTS experts in the Shanghai headquarters. Experts can guide on-site technicians to diagnose and repair faulty vehicles through various means such as video, voice, AR annotation, and remote file display.

Porsche China RTS system uses the FacePro Xpert System as the core, encompassing good scalability and compatibility. Supporting a massive range of accessories such as multi-angle cameras, endoscopes, thermal imaging cameras, etc., allowing remote experts to assist on-site technicians in quickly repair vehicles and detect the fault points precisely.

RTS system uses multi-angle cameras

Carry out collaborative
disassembly and repair of highvoltage battery packs

Endoscope for internal flaw
detection of engine
Remote consultation
with multiple parties

RTS Expert Room at Porsche
China Headquarters in
Pudong, Shanghai

Porsche China RTS project customization interface

Video available on YouTube:

Porsche is a world-renowned automobile manufacturer committed to reducing the carbon footprint of vehicles towards a more sustainable future. During the pandemic in 2020, Porsche was affected by the reduction in factory production capacity. The waiting time for new car delivery has been delayed, but after-sales maintenance services have not been affected by the pandemic. Softfoundry assists the Porsche China RTS project to provide efficient remote technical support mode and bring significant cost reduction and efficiency increase for the enterprise.

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