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Hubei Shiyan People's Hospital 5G remote consultation, ward rounds and visiting system
2020-08-22 10:35:00Admin

FacePro5G Remote Consultation, Ward Rounds and Visiting System

On August 19th, the day of the third "Chinese Physician's Day", FacePro Xpert System 5G remote consultation, ward rounds and visiting system created by Hubei Unicom, Softfoundry International Pte Ltd and Shiyan City People's Hospital was successfully launched. It is reported that the actual application of 5G+VR+AR-based consultations, ward rounds, and visits is the first case in the province’s medical system. This system enables Shiyan City People’s Hospital to be "One Step Ahead" in the exploration and application of new 5G technologies. Better improve the effectiveness of clinical diagnosis and treatment during the period of pandemic prevention and control.

Scenario 1: 360-degree panoramic video transmission in the intensive care unit

VR cameras in the ICU and neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to achieve Ultra-High-Definition 8K video hard decoding and 360-degree panoramic realtime viewing through 5G transmission, allowing the command center to keep abreast of the ward dynamics. Improve the work efficiency of medical staff.

Scenario 2: AR head-mounted camera helps efficient consultation

The AR head-mounted camera technology is used in the isolation ward of fever clinics and the remote consultations in the intensive care unit. The consultation expert does not need to be on-site. The doctor in the ward wear AR glasses equipment, and the real-time transmission of the scene of the ward and the patient are achieved through 5G large bandwidth and low latency. The patient’s vital signs are also transmitted to the consultation command center or expert mobile phones and computers in real time. Through the built-in "micro screen" and "embedded microphone" of the glasses, the doctors in the ward communicate with the consultation experts on the patient's condition, understand the patient's examination results, medication, postoperative recovery, etc., discuss and determine the consultation results. The real-time transmission of high-definition, all-round video images of China Unicom's 5G+AR enables consultation experts to achieve a "seeing the screen like the face" consultation effect and improve the quality of consultation.

Scene 3: "FacePro Cloud Visit" allows family members to visit "Immersively"

Based on China Unicom's 5G network and Softfoundy International Pte Ltd Cloud Video Platform, the "FacePro Cloud Visiting" system of Shiyan People's Hospital has launched a new mode of visit. Through the system appointment, it binds a tablet terminal that is beside the patient’s ward with the mobile phone terminal of the patient's family member, and the family member can use the mobile phone to conduct the "FacePro cloud visit" within a specified time, which solves the cumbersome and inconvenience of the existing on-site visits and alleviates the long-term separation of the patient and the family member At the same time, it effectively avoids cross-infection of family members in hospital. This will enable medical personnel to enjoy more highquality and efficient humanized medical services, effectively build a strong defense line for epidemic prevention and control in special places, and further enhance the satisfaction of the public.

At the same time, Softfoundry International Pte Ltd also assists the hospital to use VR panoramic camera technology to realize NICU visits. Parents wearing VR glasses can achieve an immersive visitation experience.

In the future, Hubei Unicom will also work with Shiyan People's Hospital to apply 5G+VR technology to extend surgical teaching, smart ward monitoring, and regional public health remote diagnosis and treatment services, injecting more technological vitality into the innovative development of the medical industry.

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