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Zhejiang Jiuli Special Material Technology 5G Smart Factory
2020-09-09 15:56:00Admin
Recently, Zhejiang Jiuli Special Material Technology Co., Ltd. announced the creation of "Juli 5G Smart Factory", which is a 5G + cloud edge integrated smart manufacturing solution. China Mobile Huzhou Branch provides low-latency and highspeed network coverage. All the equipment in the factory area is interconnected with 5G+ industrial Internet to create an application system integrating 5G+ big data analysis, 5G+Al product smart detection, 5G smart warehouse management, 5G+AR remote manufacturing supervision, etc., to improve enterprise production management and factory management.

Among them, the 5G+AR remote manufacturing supervision based on the FacePro head-mounted artificial intelligence computer system has changed the mode of on-site monitoring by a third-party testing agency in the production process of seamless steel pipes. Solve the problem of quality inspection and delivery of production orders in the case of personnel inconvenience, reduce the number of rework and improve economic efficiency.

Industrial stainless steel seamless pipes are widely used in oil and gas, electric power, chemical and other fields, and have the characteristics of high degree of customization and complex production processes. During the production process, the company requires customers and third-party testing agencies to check and accept the production process to ensure the smooth completion of the order with quality and quantity. How to simplify the supervision process and improve the accuracy of production has become one of the common concerns of seamless pipe manufacturers.

Jiuli Special Material's 5G+AR remote manufacturing supervision solves the remote third-party manufacturing supervision and system certification in the production process of enterprises' foreign trade orders when the manufacturing supervision personnel or experts cannot come to the scene for guidance. Provide guarantee for continuous production and smooth delivery, and reduce the risk of enterprises' foreign trade orders.

In the production workshop of the heat exchange tube factory of Jiuli Special Materials, the on-site staff can use the 5G+ FacePro head-mounted artificial intelligence computer system to transmit the on-site HD video clearly and accurately through the 5G network to the remote manufacturing supervisors and remote experts in real time. ; Remote experts observe on-site conditions through rich media streams, and guide on-site staff to complete troubleshooting and repair through ultra-low latency 5G networks

Reduce travel costs and production delays
Supervisors and experts do not need to arrive at the site

Improve maintenance and production efficiency
Achieve on-site synchronization of audio and video through 5G high-speed network, and annotation key issues with AR

Ensure production accuracy
Online video communication anytime and anywhere to ensure on-demand production, reduce rework and material waste, and reduce costs In recent years, Huzhou City has deeply promoted the construction of the integration of industrialization. The development of the new generation of information technology such as Internet cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and the deep integration of manufacturing has become an important model for the transformation and upgrading of industrial enterprises in the city. The production model of Jiuli Special Material 5G+AR has played a demonstrative role for local export production enterprises; in particular, creative industry solutions such as AR remote inspection and acceptance, while ensuring production quality, improve on-demand production capacity and reduce foreign trade exports The order risk of foreign trade provides new solutions for the production and operation of foreign trade manufacturers under the current situation.