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Service on call | ABB Remote Expert System is Online
2021-01-29 10:32:00Admin
Service on call | ABB Remote Expert System is Online
(Jan. 29, 2021)

ABB has more than 50 years of rich experience in the energy industry and a wide range of system installations. ABB's electrical equipment, control systems, software and other products are distributed in every corner of the country and even the world. How to provide users with high-quality technical support anytime and anywhere, ensure the normal and efficient operation of customer systems, reduce operation and maintenance costs for customers, and improve safety and operational efficiency has always been the goal of ABB, which is also a test of our service level.

Under traditional technical conditions, technical experts from manufacturers are difficult to serve users to the greatest extent due to geographical and time-space constraints. Nowadays, the emergence of new technologies such as 5G and AR has broken through the limitations of time and space, greatly shortening the distance between manufacturers and users. Users can share their vision with experts in the shortest possible time and receive timely and effective support and guidance.

ABB remote expert system has 1080P high resolution and convenient local language support. Even if ABB experts are not on site, they can always connect remotely with the on-site technical personnel. By sharing clear images and photos in real time, ABB experts can accurately grasp the situation in time and guide the on-site technical personnel to operate by sending text, voice intercom, and image annotation, which greatly improves the efficiency of problem solving. The timely technical support of experts has effectively reduced downtime and user maintenance costs. At the same time, under the remote guidance of experts, on-site technicians personally solve technical problems, which can greatly improve the maintenance level of the user's technical team.

ABB remote expert system consists of three parts: on-site operation terminal, remote expert terminal and network environment. In the WIFI environment, as long as it is equipped with ABB wearable devices or remote dedicated tablets, remote communication with experts can be achieved. Wearable devices help on-site technicians to avoid using hands, freeing up hands for on-site device operation; the tablet is used with the bracket to facilitate monitoring and guide computer operations. The application of the actual scenario proves that the ABB remote expert system is a remote service solution that is easier to access, more economical, and more suitable for the local market.

People in the industry know that the continuous and reliable operation of industrial control systems is essential to the safe production of power plants. In the event of a failure, a timely and effective response from manufacturers is the key to solving problems and ensuring normal production.

However, at the beginning of 2020, a pandemic broke the original peace and harmony. Due to travel restrictions, most manufacturers were unable to visit customer sites to provide support in time. At this time, ABB received a request for help from a domestic power plant, hoping to solve the problem of incomplete history of event records in the control system operator station. As a result, the technicians at the scene enabled AR equipment to log in to the ABB remote expert system, remotely showed the scene faults to the ABB technical experts in the form of video, and reconstructed the history database under the video guidance of the ABB experts. However, because the unit is running, it is impossible to confirm whether the reconstruction operation has solved the problem in time through experiments. After a period of operation, ABB found that rebuilding the event library did not solve the original problem. Immediately, ABB remote experts rebuilt the user's on-site operator station system 1:1 through the cloud server (on the cloud server, there is no need to worry about repeated experiments affecting the production system). After repeated trials and recurring faults, ABB technical support personnel finally found out that the fault was caused by the tag library configuration problem. After finally determining the cause of the failure, ABB experts again remote video connected with the users to propose solutions, and finally helped the customer successfully solve the problem.

This time, the technical personnel of the fault site initiated two video support, the total duration is no more than 4 hours.

At present, there are still travel restrictions in many areas, it takes a long time for technicians to arrive on site, and corresponding travel expenses will be incurred. Using the ABB remote expert system not only saves the travel expenses of expert on-site support, but also saves time and maintenance costs. At the same time, timely response in emergency situations also reduces downtime; visualized remote expert guidance allows on-site technicians and experts to achieve online face-to-face communication. Experts use video to teach hands-on and guide on-site technicians to solve problems. As a result, the maintenance level of technical personnel has also been improved; no longer subject to traditional on-site support, the ABB remote expert system remotely assists users in troubleshooting through digital technology, providing more technical means for troubleshooting. Through visual digital equipment, ABB's remote expert system responds to customer needs in a timely manner. While helping customers improve work efficiency, it also promotes the development of customers' digital transformation.

Combining many advantages, the ABB remote expert system has won numerous fans once it was launched. With the in-depth development of 5G and the strong drive of users' demand for cost reduction and efficiency enhancement, ABB firmly believes that the remote expert system will become one of the important drivers of the digitalization of energy user enterprises. In the future, ABB will continue to strengthen and upgrade the remote expert system, vigorously promote its application in the market, especially in the Chinese market, and help more users reduce costs and improve efficiency.