HOMENEWSROOMNewsSoftfoundry International Pte Ltd. won the "Golden Dragon Award" at 2022 Global Best Practice of IoT and Smart Services, creating a sustainable future with enterprises
Softfoundry International Pte Ltd. won the "Golden Dragon Award" at 2022 Global Best Practice of IoT and Smart Services, creating a sustainable future with enterprises
2022-11-15 18:22:56Admin

Softfoundry International Pte Ltd. is committed to the development of a new generation of green information and communication technology and smart services. It stood out in the "2022 Global Best Practice of IoT and Smart Services Golden Dragon Award" with the "Forward-looking Innovative Service " category. On the 12th November, our CEO, Joni Kuo , accepted the award on behalf of the company. Softfoundry FacePro "5G+AR Xpert System Smart Service” is a green communication expert for enterprises' ESG-based digital transformation.

A group photo of Zhenghua Lu, Director-General of the Ministry of Digital Affairs (2nd left), Joni Kuo, CEO of Softfoundry (2nd right),

Durmas Lee, Chairman of AIOTA (1st right) and Spencer Liang, Chairman of the Taiwan Internet of Things Association (1st left), the organizer.

Softfoundry FacePro "5G+AR Xpert System" integrates with emerging technologies such as AI, big data, Internet of Things & cloud computing, etc., to provide efficient solutions to empower customers in different industries and vertical fields, build digital economy smart services, develop valuable business scenarios, bringing convenience and benefits to customers, FacePro realizes remote experts such as on-site support. FacePro has been deployed widely in industries such as industrial, agricultural, medical, government, education, and telecom operators. This award is an affirmation of Softfoundry’s support for the "sustainable development of green services.”

The "Global Best Practice of IoT and Smart Services Conference" hosted by the Taiwan Internet of Things Association (TIOTA), set up the "Golden Dragon Award" in 2017 to recognize outstanding representatives of the global Internet of Things. This year's 4th Golden Dragon Awards is themed "Rebirth, Renewal, Sustainable Internet of Things". Softfoundry has been successful in promoting smart services and sustainable development. FacePro's "5G+AR Xpert System IoT platform is an efficient productivity solution for enterprises". It improves the work efficiency of 70% of the employees, saves costs, and enhances corporate profitability.

FacePro AR remote expert supports the global smart factory expansion of enterprise groups, establishes a technical support center at the headquarters, the expert team provides efficient remote technical support with 4K UHD video resolution, remote smart operation and maintenance of equipment establishing a green supply chain and knowledge base. Improve productivity, reduce business travel and carbon footprint, and reduce operating costs. FacePro AR Xpert System has served Fortune 500 companies such as ABB (Smart Service), Porsche (RTS Remote Technical Support center), SK Innovation (RCS smart factory), Hyundai E&C (Smart Construction Site) etc. Softfoundry launched a high-security, low-cost global SaaS subscription platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to help enterprises digitize ESG and create a sustainable future.

At the Sustainability Trends forum, CEO Joni Kuo suggestion for the ESG development of SMEs is to integrate investment plans with environmental friendliness, social responsibility, and corporate governance to bring positive value to society and the environment. Through corporate development strategies and organizational reforms, setting development goals and schedules will bring clearer sustainable development results for the company. Positive ESG practices will lead to sustainable corporate, social innovation and economic growth.