HOMENEWSROOMNewsHyundai E&C Introduces Smart Construction Technology for Tunnel Construction using FacePro Xpert System and Vuzix Smart Glasses
Hyundai E&C Introduces Smart Construction Technology for Tunnel Construction using FacePro Xpert System and Vuzix Smart Glasses
2021-08-19 18:42:00Admin

Hyundai E&C is taking the lead in innovation in construction sites by introducing smart construction technology to tunnel construction for the first time among domestic construction companies.

In July, Hyundai E&C demonstrated the wireless communication network with FacePro Xpert System and AR smart glasses technology using the TV White Space (TVWS) at the construction site of Section 3 of the Byeolnae Line double-track railway.

The wireless communication network technology tested by Hyundai E&C was introduced to compensate for the difficulty in communicating with the outside world inside the underground tunnel under construction. It is a technology that made Wi-Fi wireless internet possible inside the tunnel.

In addition, Hyundai E&C demonstrated FacePro Xpert System together with Vuzix smart glasses, a perfect software and hardware combination that enables field workers to monitor in real-time with ground workers or head office officials and conduct high-definition video conferences.

With the new technology, factors to be reviewed before excavation can be identified in advance, thus faster work decisions and safety inspections can be made.

Hyundai E&C is satisfied with the application results and the smart construction technology will be expanded to domestic and overseas sites in the future and will be used in various fields such as site facility inspection and safety inspection.

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